Oct 14, 2008


Mom and Dad Preston invited us to go and pick pumpkins at the local pumpkin patch. This is always a really fun fall tradition except this year it was quit a bit cooler than in years past. The kids all love going down almost every row in search of that "perfect" pumpkin. The rule with our family is you can have any pumpkin in the patch as long as you can carry it yourself, so there was alot of picking up and putting down and testing to see if they could carry it. Finally all the pumpkins were chosen and then they spent some time in the little hay maze running around with the cousins and having a grand time. All in all it was a very delightful and brisk day.

For F.H.E we watched the Great Pumpkin, because who doesn't love Charlie Brown and the gang. We also made some yummy and frightful cookies. Granny Queenie came over and helped. It was a decorating extravaganza.


Emilee said...

What a super fun FHE. I just might have to copy that one. Charlie Brown is one of my favorites too!

PS: Last night was a ton of fun. We definately need to do it again. Nothing is more refreshing than a girl's night out.

Chalan said...

Fun FHE- look at all your fun blogging and I've been missing it! Looks like you've been doing lots of fun fall activities. Love the photos as always! Sounds fun watching Charlie Brown. Love the superhero pics. Sorry i've been such a slacker. Had fun yesterday!! :)