Oct 28, 2008


The Monday before Halloween Regan's dad puts on the annual wienie roast at the barn. There are plenty of hot dogs,chips and cookies to eat. Clark invites both sides of the family, friends young and old and anyone that he happened to run into that day. The kids love it because the horses are saddled and ready to go. They don't care about eating all they want to do is ride ALL night. It's a chance to catch up on whats going on in each others lives and have a dog or two or four.(yuck) What more can you ask for. Regan manned the grill most of the night and really cooked up some mean dogs. Mckray getting in a little horse time.
Having a good Ol' time!!

Warming up by the fire.

I love this picture!!!

All I want to do is ride the horse.

Sittin pretty.

The first thing Journey did when we got there was pet and feed the horses.
She would live at the barn if we would let her.


Emilee said...

It looks like a fun night. I wish we could have come down for it. The picture of Creed it classic. Love it.

Caleb said...

At first, I thought that picture of Creed was a picture of Bridger when he was little. I never thought of the two looking alike, but they kind of do. Glad you had fun! Dig the music. Nice!

Joe and Frances said...

I am glad to see you have a blog too. since we are not in young womens anymore I hardly get to talk to you.:( you have such a cute family and a great daughter, Aubrey is just too cute.

mena said...

Caleb, that is funny that you think Creed looks like Bridger becuase I told Chalan that the whole night. They could pass for twins.

Chalan said...

Fun pictures! That was a fun night. Love the picture of Creed. That is funny that Cabes thought he looked like Bridger too. I think especailly with the hair cute like Bridger's was. :)