Oct 7, 2008


This was Mckray's first year playing flag football with the 3rd and 4th grade leagues. He was a little disappointed at first that he didn't get to play with pads and helmets but got over it quickly. He will be able to play tackle football when he is in 5th grade. Like I have said before Mckray loves sports and he loved football. He knew when every game was and times and practices. I write all that important stuff on my calendar but most of the time he kept me informed and I never had to tell him to get ready for practice or a game because he already knew or was already dressed and ready to go. That is something that I love and admire about this kid, he has such a love of life and is sooo passionate about anything he is doing. He kept the coaches in line also, a couple of times there would be too many guys on the field and he would tell the coaches and sure enough a player would have to come off the field. He is so aware of his surroundings and sometimes I wonder if it is because of his hearing loss that his other senses are so heightened. He doesn't let his lack of being able to hear very well get in the way of life and he is such a great example of that to me. He never feels sorry for himself or stops doing what he really wants to do and I hope that he never looses that. They made it to the Superbowl and they could not have been more excited. We only made it through the first round but they really played well and we were all proud of how hard they worked this year as a team. Way to go 49ers!!!!
Mckray getting a little scrappy.

Practicing on the sidelines.
It was a fantastic year! All the kids and parents and coaches were so great to work with and I already can't wait till next season.


Emilee said...

Mckray is so awesome! I love how serious he takes his sports. Did he get a ring for his Super Bowl achievement??

mena said...

No superbowl ring but he would have loved that. I'm sure he would never take it off!!

Caleb said...

Hey McKray, 49ers huh? Did you see Steve Young? Looking good out there. How's Bram 4 doing? Or is it Bram 3?