Oct 24, 2008


I found a lump on Regan's back a while ago and we went to the doctor and it was diagnosed as a fatty growth. We were told that we didn't need to have it removed right away that it could wait unless it got bigger or it started to bug him. Sure enough this little fatty growth started to grow and grow and grow until it turned into this. So we decided it was time to have surgery and have it removed. Regan had to have an MRI done and they found something that didn't look quit right so we had to go to to a specialist at Huntsman Cancer Center.....I know we were freaked for a little bit but it( thank goodness) is not cancer. We feel really blessed because it is very humbling to go where there is cancer all around you and you are told that you are the lucky one today. My heart broke for all of those other people that didn't get the news that we got and were told that they did indeed have cancer. Why are we the lucky ones? I don't know, but we are very blessed.
Regan before they wheeled him away

Saying goodbye.

He was shivering so bad when he woke up that they had to give him tons of blankets to warm him up. He woke up so happy and chipper and was talking a mile a minute. He kept saying "I can't believe that it is over." "I just barely closed my eyes." "What a trip." He said this about a thousand times. It was so funny.

We are finally home. Juju didn't want to leave his side. She was a wonderful little nurse.

This is the glorious gift basket that we got from the nurses because the doctor was behind. We had to wait 4hr. until it was our turn. We checked in at 1:15 and got home at 9:30. It was a very long day.

This is the pump drain that I have to empty every 4 hrs. Maybe I should go to nursing school.

The awesome stitches and pump drain.
Regan is doing well and recovering nicely. He is sore but hasn't had to have very much pain medicine. A BIG shout out goes to our nephew Robert for giving Regan a blessing. My sister Karen for hanging with me and for bringing us some wonderful dinner and treats. Regan's mom and dad for taking the littles and feeding them and playing with them. Aubrey who took Bridger to his concert. Mostly I need to thank my Father in Heaven for watching out for us and answering our prayers.


Shaun and April said...

What the??? Where have I been? So crazy! Maybe they can give both of you a RN license?? Call me if you need anything?

Emilee said...

I am glad that everything went well. I can relate to Regan with the shock of waking up. When I had my surgery in Taiwan I wasn't even sure if they had done my suregery yet because I felt like I had just closed my eyes. However, it had been several hours. I think like four of five. It was such a weird time warp.

Emilee said...

A couple spelling mistakes. Oops! Will I ever learn to double check my comments before I post them????

wild murdocks said...

Wow, I'm glad that everything went well! You never know what life is going to throw at you, or grow on the back of you. I hope Reagan recovers soon--it looks like he is being well cared for.

Caleb said...

Nice to hear you pulled through, Gub.

Heidi said...

Glad to hear that Gub is doing better and that it wasn't cancer. Hope you keep feeling better Gub!!!

wild bri said...

I could have saved you a ton of money and just taken a knife to it. Let me know if you ever need my assistance.

Creed had the exact some thing on his back last year and the first doctor told him the same thing. Just wait until it gets big and then take care of it and then over the course of a week the "thing" just grew. When he had it removed the surgeon said "You should have come in a long time ago with this" I guess the second opinion option is always worth pursuing. Glad to hear you are doing well and so well taken care of.

Sandra said...

What??? We didn't get a gift basket! All we got was free lunch at the hospital cafeteria (which we opted not to use), I guess there is the difference between 3 hours of waiting and 4. :) Way to hang in there! I'm super happy though that all is well and Regan is doing just fine.

Chalan said...

Glad that is over and your okay Gub. I bet you are both tired from the experience. What a blessing it went well and everything is okay. Fun seeing Gub at the hospital today!!! What a great brother!! Glad he is healthy! :)