Aug 8, 2008


While the big kids are away the little kids get to play with Mom and Dad. We asked the Little's what they wanted to do and they both wanted to go golfing AGAIN!! Mckray had been golfing already in the morning with his golf league then, a couple hours later we were back up there. I guess we just can't get enough!!

The boys washing their balls.......tee hee!!!
Nice form Juju
It was a little windy can't you tell.
Discussing the game.After golf we went and had a little dinner and for dessert we had snow cones. The kids laughed and laughed and it is one of the highlights of being a mom to be able to sit back and watch your kids enjoying life. Regan and the kids can't get enough of playing golf and I just can't get enough of hanging out with them!!

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Chalan said...

Cute photos! I love the one of Gub and Mckray from behind walking, so cute! cute parents! Cute kids! :)