Aug 27, 2008


So, for months now Mckray have been asking when he can have his very own "Man Stuff." What is man stuff you ask?'s deodorant. This kid is obsessed! While we were shopping for school supplies we got Bridger some deodorant and decided to get Mckray some also and we knew he would be thrilled and we were right, he talks non stop about his "man stuff" and ask questions like. How long does this last? How many times a day can I put it on? Do I have to take a shower before I put it on? The questions never end. He has "man stuff" on the brain. Just this morning he told me that it last for 23 hrs. go figure, not 24....... so I guess he won't smell good for one hour out of the day, thats pretty good right? He informed Journey that he smells like a M.....A.....N!!!! Oh he is too funny. I am so proud of my clean, action fresh smelling little man. He isn't a man just yet but we love him just the same.


Chalan said...

Okay, Mckray is hilarious!! What a cute kid, or should I say little MAN. I don't think I've ever heard of anyone getting that excited about deodarant. That is so funny. :)

Shaun and April said...

Laughing so hard right now. I love the things kids say and talk about. Today, Kyson informed me that when he's ready to get married, if the girl says bad words, he won't marry her. Kids are too funny.