Aug 11, 2008


Journey's most favorite thing in this world is horses. Naturally being a Palfreyman (defined as keeper of horses) it is in her blood but she is crazy about them. When she was two years old or even younger she loved to watch the movie "Spirit". She wanted to be a horse. We didn't know back then how much her personality is like a wild horse. She is a wild and a free spirit and not easily tamed but she is beautiful and loving and gentle as well. When she was three years old I took her on a ride up on the mountain. She didn't want to go back. After about three hours her little legs were so sore she was crying so we went home. Despite her sore legs she cried even harder at having to get off the horse. She cried for well over an hour! Saturday all of our other kids were away doing other things so we asked Ju ju what she wanted to do. As you might have guessed she wanted to go see the horses.


Chalan said...

It is in her blood! Every time we drive by, my kids beg to stop. They are always being horses at home. Cute pictures! Glad she got to see them. And hey, you should have stopped by only a block away! (Waldos :)!!

Carolyn Packer said...

Giddy-Up! Hey, it is my favorite family of all time! The Palfreymans! Yay!