Aug 3, 2008


Regan loves the game of golf and wants to share that love with our kids so while I was sick with some weird summer sore throat he took ALL of them golfing. Do you see why I love him so very much?

Mckray just made the million dollar putt!!!
Silence please.
Juju's favorite part of golfing is being able to drive the cart.

The kids are really coming along with their golf skills. They all seem to enjoy playing. Aubrey just got a job at our local golf course so she will be able to get in a lot more practice.


Gubba said...

I have to say it was a little crazy taking four kids golfing and,in the moment,I wondered if I was crazy for takng them all at the same time. Now looking at it on the blog it makes me so happy I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Good Times

Chalan said...

What a cute nice hubby you have!!! And I have to say I can relate to his comment- sometimes you wonder if it is worth it and then afterwards you always know it was. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so, you guys make it look so effortless. Mena, Hope your feeling better- :) I hate summer colds!

Emilee said...

We have all been passing along that summer sore throat thing here. Summer colds are definately not fun. I hope you are feeling better.

Emilee said...

Taking all four kids is impressive! Way to go Regan.
I am with Juju driving the golf cart is my favorite part too. LOL

wild bri said...

Looks like non-stop fun at the Palfreymans. I remember taking golf classes with Shaun and Regan up at Hobble Creek with that guy that always had spit coming out of the sides of his mouth and eating hamburgers at the golf course with that nice old lady "Birdie". Good golf memories.