Aug 6, 2008


The Farrer family had a get together at the park filled with water balloon fun, thanks to uncle Cody for the balloons and launcher.
It was a fun day for the kids who ran around and played and played while the adults sat around and visited. I feel really bad for Aunt Janean and Uncle Steve I haven't seen them look so sullen and downhearted for quit some time they were so disappointed that none of there kids came!!! You know who you are!!! She told me I was to reprimand you all!!! You really think that Moab is more fun than coming to the park with us?


wild murdocks said...

It's true, it's not a real party without us! ha! ha!

Seriously, it looks like a good time, sorry we missed out on the fun. I'm sure Janine and Steve were just sad that they didn't get a turn with the balloon launcher.


miranda said...

I had a good excuse- besides I have been to every Farrer party so far. It did look like a lot of fun, sorry we missed out but we couldn't miss "High School Musical!"

McKell said...

I think they were just sad because they wanted to go to Moab too. ;)

mena said...

Very true Mckell...I was sad that I wasn't in Moab myself!!!