Aug 25, 2008


What a way to end the summer!! Journey had her 7th birthday party on Saturday. She invited all the neighbor kids and cousins for a fun wet and wild time. Total count 25 kids!!! We played cold potato, water balloon relay, who can pick up ice with your feet, wet shirt relay, water jug relay, dunk bucket and everyone took a few turns on the slip and slide. It was water mania!!
Juju getting ready for a little cold potato.
The sweet birthday cake that I made.
The way too cool lifeguards.
Thanks for the help. You were real lifesavers!!
The gang.


wild murdocks said...

RAD cake! It just needs a little a dog sitting on it. :)

You're such a good mom

miranda said...

Cute cake! I'm very impressed!

Chalan said...

Mena- What a fun party. Blythe had so much fun. I love your cake! That is so cute! very creative! :)

mattandmarcee said...

Love the cake!! What a fun party, I can't believe Journey is 7, it goes too fast! We sure missed you at the Cazier party, it's just not the same without Regan and Mena and family!! Hope to see you sometime in the near future, we love you guys!