Aug 2, 2008


It was girls night out and we went to Olive garden for some yummy dinner and then we were off to see Mamma Mia!!! It was sooo good we all loved it.Aubrey and Afton enjoying a sweet treat.

Me and the big sis. getting cheesy for the camera

3 Fab generations!!

Which two of these things just doesn't belong?


Gubba said...

What a bunch of wild women!!!!
I'm glad I am married to one of them!!

Chalan said...

Fun, I really want to see that movie! I told my mom, it better still be playing when she gets back from New York! Looks like you had fun! I'm jealous!

Emilee said...

I want to see that movie so bad. I might have to have my own little private party in Tooele.