Nov 25, 2008


Our lives changed forever 17 years ago. The sweetest gift ever came to our family and our lives will never be the same. Aub is an amazing person. She is so giving and friendly and multi talented. We feel so lucky and blessed to be able to be her parents. We love you so much and wish nothing but happiness to you this year.
Aubrey and "the girls" having a birthday lunch.

After school with her other buddies for dinner.
Everybody loves Aub.

Regan and I took Aubrey to the late movie because she was so busy with her friends but we still wanted to spend some time with her. I think she partied a little too much for her birthday because she fell asleep through part of the movie.
I hope that you had a great 17th birthday.
Here's to many more to come.


Emilee said...

Happy Birthday Aubrey! You are such a fantastic person. I am happy to have you for a niece.

Chalan said...

Happy Birthday Aubrey!! You are the cutest girl ever! Love being your aunt- looks like a fun birthday!! I'm jealous you went to 007!

Sweet Caroline said...

Happy Birthday, girl! And, proud moments to mom and dad! She is making you all look really good!