Nov 11, 2008


Regan's mom turned 70 on Mon. and in honor of the big day we all threw her an amazing surprise party. We invited her family and friends and everyone was able to attend which made the night extra special. We had a nice dinner, played "this is your life", and watched a video montage of her 70 years.

Clark and Aldeen on the dance floor. Nice matching outfits, custom made by my Mom

Happy 70th MOM!!!!!

Wow! They almost look the same as they did at the "Sock hop"

With the exception of Bent and Bev the whole fam damily was able to attend. Thanks to everyone for helping put on a great evening for Mom.


Chalan said...

That was such a fun night. I'm glad we did it!! thanks for doing the video! :)

mattandmarcee said...

Sounds like you all had a fun time at Aunt Aldeen's party. I love all the pictures, it's so fun to see everyone. I also loved your Halloween pictures. You guys are so much fun, I love the creativity! Hope we can see you during the holidays. When it's our Thanksgiving off year we should do something to get together!

wild bri said...

Happy Birthday Aldeen
I still remember the time we accidently scaird your mom with that big snake we killed up Spring Creek. I thought she was going to die.

Nice picture of her and Clarkie on the dance floor

Emilee said...

It was a fun night. I loved the video you made.