Nov 8, 2008


Cassie was up from Montana so we had ourselves a girls night. We ate some food, talked some politics, checked out some funny sights on you tube, played spoons but the fun really began when we pulled out the old karaoke machine.
It was a BLAST.
Aubrey busting out a solo to "Dirty pop"

Sing it girl

Tina and Cami singing "Blister in the sun" by the Violent Femmes.

Nickie and Cristy singing Marvin Gaye's "Lets get in on."
Believe me....they got it ON!!

Cassie and April singing "Seize the day" from the Newsies soundtrack.

Me and Aubrey singing Alicia Keys "Falling"

Aubrey and I had a super good time. I can't wait till the next girls night. Aubrey and I will be brushing up on our karaoke watch out !!


Emilee said...

I love karaoke. So much fun. Psst...just to let you in on a little secret... I love Marvin Gaye, slightly embarassing, I know. I think a karaoke machine would be a huge hit at one of the family parties. It looks like you have a fun night out.

wild murdocks said...

You gals know how to have a good time!