Nov 2, 2008


We all love Halloween at our house. Since we have had children that have been dressing up for 17 yrs. we have quite a costume box. I send the kids down in the basement to look through it and see if they can find a costume. It is a really fun process to see what they come up with and then It's my job to help them with the final touches. This year Regan and I went as "granny" and "gramps". Journey told us to get used to our costumes because we are going to be old soon. It was so funny.

We carved pumpkins, had our spooky dinner of snake, witches fingers and had day old bath water to drink. We went trick or treating to all the grandparents and had a party at my sister's. It was an action packed weekend and that's the way we like it. The kids are already talking about what they want to be next year.
Bridger is really going through a stage. We couldn't get him to dress up.
He hates everything right now. haha (he really freaked us out)

Mckray was the great Jimi Hendrix.

Juju was a 50's waitress.

Aubrey as a gypsy.

Granny having a bit of fun!!


Kristie said...

You and Regan look great. I love all the costumes. Nice work:)

Emilee said...

Fantastic costumes. I am so happy we got to trick or treat with you.

Sandra said...

Sheesh the joints must be giving you some problems eh? It's come to this already? Walkers, surgery...bed pans next? J/K I love it! I was so sad to not dress up this year. Broke me wee heart it did.

Caleb said...

By the way, how did McKrae know about Jimmi Hendrix?

wild murdocks said...

You all look FANTASTIC!

You're one spry granny!