Nov 21, 2008


There is nothing in this world that I hate more or am more terrified of than a mouse. I can kill my own spiders, be locked in the house with a lion, run with the bulls etc. etc.(a little exaggeration there) But I turn into a little whiny, prissy, climbing on the furniture kind of girl if I see a mouse in my house. I HATE THEM!!!!!!
Well, we had a little visitor come and set up camp in our pantry. Regan and I went to the store and bought every trap that they had. We put them in every nook and cranny and waited and waited. After two LONG days we finally caught the little sucker. Yeah!!!
One problem, now that it is caught how am I going to get in out of my house? Regan is at work and I can't pick up the trap. What if it starts moving or something? I would freak out and die for sure. Whatever am I going to do.......?
Bridger and Mckray to the rescue!!! Bridger picks up the trap while Mckray holds the bag to put the gross mouse in. Out to the trash they go and all is right with the world again. I am not proud by how wimpy I am but it is sooo nice to have boys around.

A shout out goes to all you boys taking care of your mama's.


Kristie said...

I feel the same way about mice. I HATE them. I need a boy for sure :)
I am not sure yet when I will go private but when I do I have you email and will send you an invite.

Emilee said...

Running with the bulls eh??? Should we take a trip to Spain sometime? I can just picture it and me running down the street and a snorting bull chasing us. LOL! I agree with you. I would rather run with the bulls than take care of a mouse; I am glad your boys came to the rescue. You have such good kids.

wild murdocks said...

Love the acorn pictures!

I can't wait till my boys can start taking care of me! What sweet and cute kids you have.