Nov 6, 2008


Bridger's orchestra teacher was performing at a nearby theater and invited all of her students to come. Bridger invited me so the two of us set off for our date. I picked him up from school and we opted not to ride the buses that were provided but to venture off in our own car and give us a little alone time. The concert was wonderful and we both enjoyed it very much. The music was simply beautiful. Bridger is really into classical music and is loving playing the viola.
After the concert we headed off to have some lunch at Olive Garden and discussed which instrument was our favorite and which piece of music we liked best. I love spending time with each of my children and am so thankful that they "seem" to like hanging out with me also. It was a great day!!! Thanks for the invitation Bridger.


Emilee said...

What a fantastic way to spend an afternoon. I loved one on one time with my parents. I too love classical music. Sometimes only it will satisfy my muscial cravings. "Seem" to like hanging out with you?? What are you talking about? You are a super fun mom.

Chalan said...

Cool date. That is so neat you had that time with Bridger. What a fun memory!!