Aug 4, 2009

older and wiser
I am more at ease with myself at 38 than at any other age since i have been married.
I am finding a groove to my life and am WAY more excepting of myself than ever before and it really feels great.
I am sooooo loving being older......weird but true.
My sweet little momma threw a little birthday shin- dig for me at the red barn.
My sister and her family came and we ate and swam and had a good ol' time together.
Thank you mom and the rest of the fam for coming.
I love you all!
Cheers to getting older!

yep, thats me going off the rope swing
I'm going to LIVE it up !!!
Life is too short to not enjoy every minute of it.

click to watch my b-day bash

before watching turn play list music off :)


Chalan said...

Happy Birthday!! Glad you are enjoying 38 and had a fun party! :)

Emilee said...

It looks like a fun party. Happy Birthday!