Aug 10, 2009

* hiked bennie creek trail
*the grotto (whoever left about 20 beer bottles up there can thank regan and i for packing them out for you. next time if you pack it in then pack it out and leave it better than you found's just that simple)
*hit payson lakes and had a hot dog roast and watched the littles swim.

"I love trees like you mom and I think trees have emotions. Look that one is sad, that one is perky and that one is down right happy." -Journey

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Emilee said...

I love what Journey said. For me trees always have a story to tell. I love to look at tress and guess what kind of things have happened to them in their lives. I always thought it would make a great children's story. I suppose it is a slight rip off of The Giving Tree, but I would call it The Veteran. It would tell and show pictures of this tree's life through the people around it. For example...children who have climbed on this tree, or cowboys who sought shelter under it during a rain storm, and young lovers who carved initials into it. It would talk about the scar the tree got from lightening....etc, etc, etc. Slight ramble here, but the point is I also love trees. They are all so unique.