Aug 24, 2009

Meteor showers

Bridger wanted to see the meteor showers, so the bigen's,(the littles were in bed) Regan and I grabbed some blankets, pillows and headed for the front lawn. I of course had to document this occasion but it was not received well. The flash was making it so we were seeing stars just not the right stars. Sorry guys. I quit taking pictures and enjoyed just laying on my front lawn watching the showers and snuggling up to some of my favorite peeps. We oooo'ed and aaaaaah'ed and I learned a very valuable lesson.....taking pictures at night with the flash on while watching the stars is not a good combination...... DUH. Next time I wont bring the camera.

I promise.


craig and jill said...

What a fun night!!! You always have to bring the camera. What cool memories.

Chalan said...

Looks like fun!! You not bring your camera- unheard of?:)

Sweet Caroline said...

I was watching them, too. Isn't it weird that I am way over here...and you guys are way over there...and I was able to see the same stars? That fascinated me more than anything.