Aug 20, 2009

(in a whiny voice)
Is it back to school time already???

It's her senior year!!!!
She is attending Salem Hills High and going to MATC to get her EMT.
Her goal is to become a life flight nurse.

Starting 8th grade.
He is taking guitar,orchestra and drama.
He wants to be a musician someday.
Starting 4th grade.
He is always on the go and it is hard to get a good picture of him.
He is excited to learn about Utah History this year and do lots and lots of projects.
Starting 2nd grade.
Not only was it the first day of school but also her 8th birthday. She liked that she got to pass out birthday treats.
She also lost her first tooth the night before.
Pretty exciting stuff for this freckle face little girl.


Nikki and Ray said...

What a bunch a cutie pies! You have some really great kids Mena, you should be a very proud parent!

Chalan said...

Looks like a fun first day of school! Happy bday Journey! and congrats on the tooth loosing? What's the tooth fairy paying these days?