Feb 25, 2009


SWEETHEARTS is a girls choice dance
so these super cute girls ask out these super fun boys.

Klyer, Ally, Sam, Aubrey, Kelsey, Brock, Tyson, Holly

Mini golf was first on the agenda for the date, after golf they went home and got all spiffed up and looking good. They met at Holly's house for some delicious food after which they were met with a horse drawn carriage to take them to the dance. (very cool girls)
When they could dance no more they all came back to Holly's and had a chocolate fountain waiting with every imaginable treat you can think of.
Good job girls for planning a really cool date.
(Congratulations goes out to Ally for being voted Sweethearts Queen)

Serious attitude



Aub and Sam

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tina said...

Looks like a lot of fun, Aub! Keep enjoying high school. It's over before you know it.