Feb 6, 2009


For one of Bridger's classes at school he was given the assignment to job shadow one of his parents. He had zero interest in shadowing me doing laundry, making breakfast, cleaning, feeding the dog
(really can you blame him).
Regan had the day off so we all went over to the hospital for a tour. Reg was a really good guide, he showed us everything from the floor that he works on, the laundry room, the cafeteria, blood bank, pharmacy, E.R, and much more.
Bridger informed us that he had NO interest in working at a hospital with sick people.
After "shadowing" we took him to Trafalga as a reward for getting another 4.0.
Thanks for being such a smart and fun kid.

We can't go anywhere without being goofy.

Bridger's daily meditation

Fish faces and putting.... a winning combination

Blow fishes??????

There were no hole- in- ones made or free games won, just a boy and his parents having some serious mini golf fun.


3 D coaster ride

It was a delightful dip n dots day!!!!!!!


Emilee said...

You guys definitely have a monopoly on fun. Can you send some this way????

Sweet Caroline said...

I just told Ken that we need to take Misty somewhere fun for a good report card, too. What a great idea. You guys really are an example to all. Really!