Feb 22, 2009


It was club night again with my ladies.
Boy do we have fun!!
The highlight of the evening was when Amy, Julie and I decided it would be fun to try on prom dresses. Ohhhhhh boy was that funny.
None of us have the body that we did in High School so that made it extra interesting.
We were laughing so hard that we dang near peed in our dresses.
I did take pictures and WILL NOT be posting them!!!!
No body needs to see that........believe me.
Love you ladies.
I can't wait till next month.


Nikki and Ray said...

You have got to post them!!! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!

Emilee said...

Yeah! I would like to see those photos too. Some of us live vicariously through other people's fun!!! LOL. All the same I love ladies nights. Sounds like a fun one. Is it just me, or does this song always make you want to get up and dance??