Jan 4, 2009


During the holiday break we took the kids sledding. It was really cold and windy but it was such a blast. The two little kids were more interested in snowboarding than actually sledding. Bridger on the other hand just loved good ol' fashion sledding. Aubrey was away snowboarding with friends. We missed you!!!

Juju and Dad going down together.

Mckray trying a run head first.


Bridger is growing like a weed. I swear he is going to catch up to his dad soon.

Taking a little picture break.

The brothers.

Journey riding the" pow pow."


Sweet Caroline said...

Mena. Mena. Mena. Do you know you are my idol? I mean, let's cut the BS and get down and dirty: You are simply amazing. I don't know if I have seen a woman who really does have it all inside her home: Love, happiness, wisdom, good times, family strength, and personality. And the best part? You are so quiet and humble about it. LOVE IT.

tina said...

Mena. I love that you are always doing stuff with your fam. Looks like you had fun. I heard Aubs broke something snowboarding?!? Ugh. Teen-agers, huh?