Jan 6, 2009


We had all the Palfeyman adults over for a game night during the Holidays. It was a last minute idea, but everyone showed up with a treat to share and ready to have fun. Everyone left with a side ache from laughing so hard!
We got things going with a game of "GUESSTURES". Emily showed her gaming abilities and was one of the best as usual.
Grandpa showing off his thespian skills!
After Guesstures we played a game we hadn't pulled out in a long time. All you need is a blind fold and a spoon and a group of people. The blindfolded person wanders the room holding out the spoon. If the spoon is offered to someone they must grab it and "SNORT" like a pig. The blindfolded person tries to guess who is doing the snorting. If they guess correctly then they change places. If not they keep moving around and guessing till they get someone right. It sounds stupid, right....... That is the whole point; in that stupidity is the genius of the game.
WARNING: Game may cause side aches, slapped knees, crying, spastic seizures resulting in people falling out of chairs and more!!!
Me trying not to laugh so Chalan won't guess my identity. Trying not to laugh is one sure way to get everyone laughing!!!
Caleb giving one of his best "PIG SNORTS" awesome!!

My mom laughing uncontrollably.

Chalan falling out of her chair!!

Karla trying her best not to laugh!!!
She isn't doing a very good job, is she.

I had to put this second picture of my Mom laughing. I love to see people laugh till it hurts!!!


tina said...

Wow! Looks like a lot of crazy fun!

Shaun and April said...

Hey Gubba- wish you were starting with me tomorrow... Except that I have Jackie for 5 hours! Aren't you jealous??

Emilee said...

So So much fun. We will have to do it again. Everyone need a good laugh now and again. Thanks for hosting.

Sweet Caroline said...

Absolutely Brilliant! We go to my parents house every Christmas and we all sit and stare at each other. I am bringing a spoon, a blindfold, and some snorts next year..Thanks for the tip...

(off subject: yes, Cole misses McKray so much that it looks like we need to medicate him to make it through the days...he has NOT transitioned well...) I guess McKray can not be replaced...!!!

On to funny things: The laughter on your playlist is so surprising...everyone in my computer room stopped and started laughing when we heard it! :) Only a Palfreyman can make people laugh a 1,000 miles away...