Jan 17, 2009


WELCOME ONE AND ALL .............TO THE HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP BOUT OF THE NEW YEAR!!.. (raaahhhh)........ In this corner , from the thriving metropolis of Provo, Utah; trained at Home Depot, weighing in at 8.6 lbs. " BEHR GALLON of PAINT "..(BOOOOOOHHH)......... and in this corner, from the small town of Spanish Fork, trained at the school of hard knocks......out weighing his opponent by nearly 60 lbs. .....the one the only MAD DOG MCKRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(RRAAAAAHHHHHHH)!!!

Despite Mad Dog's extreme weight advantage, Behr paint landed a knock out punch, attacking from about 4 feet above Mad Dog's head and delivering a gruesome blow to the nose. This fight was over seconds into the 1st round.

Despite his protests, the young, scrappy fighter was taken to the local emergency room where he received several stitches and a cat scan revealed no damage to the bones or brain. His pride had been damaged but this youngster shed no tears as the Doc stitched him up.

Some of Mckray's biggest fans came to his aid!!!!!!

A special thanks to the EMT (Aubs) for keeping a cool head and delivering great first aid.

With his face put back together and some pain meds he was ready to go. He may have lost the fight but the hospital sent him home with a Madden NFL video game as a consolation prize.

Looks like there could be a rematch!!! Doctors orders are to take it easy while the wound heals.

Only time will tell if this young fighter can make a come back but my money is on Mckray. He has the heart of a lion!!!!


Tahsha said...

tough little kid!!! Hope he gets better soon!

mom26kids said...

that looks like it hurts glad he is ok. you guys have the cutest kids

Nikki and Ray said...

He rocks! What a tough kid!

Kristie said...

what a tough kid. Sorry not fun at all.

Sweet Caroline said...

Darling job on the blogging!

However, it breaks my heart to see my McKray hurt like that. Poor little buddy. But, I LOVE his haircut. He is so handsome!

And, the most important thing:

What color paint was it? And, where were you painting? :)

Remember: Carolyn's priorities are a little whacked! Ha Ha

tina said...

So glad it wasn't worse! Get well soon McKray!

wild bri said...

Owww! Tell McCray chicks dig scars, try to keep the rest of them off your face though. I am such a wuss I have a hard time even looking at the pictures. I would probably be bawling my head off getting it stitched up.

Heidi said...

Ouch! That looks like it hurts! What a tough little guy to not even cry during stiches.

Also, Mena, I love how you started the blog! Very Creative!!!

wild murdocks said...

Painting is very dangerous! What are you working on? Hope Mckray is healing well, poor cat!