Jan 12, 2009

GRADUATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!

After years of school, mounds of homework, hours of studying, tons of tests, lots of stress, stress and did I say STRESS..........HE MADE IT!!!!!!
After his last final I pictured him coming home with tons of energy and excitement, boy, was I wrong. He came right home and went into our bedroom and fell asleep with his scrubs still on. I felt so bad for him. He was exhausted!!! I guess that is what happens when you are OLD and you go back to school. No wild and crazy parties for us.

All that work and all I got was this stupid piece of paper!!!!

Papers, notes and more papers.

It's time to CELEBRATE!!!!

Granny Queenie gave him this watch so he won't be late for work.
Thanks Granny.

Partying with Prestons.
Way to go Regan, April and Cody. Thanks for all the gift cards, well wishes and such!!

Clark and Aldeen took us to the Body World Exhibit. It was fun to go out with just them. Thanks Mom and Dad.

Thank you to all my family and friends for your support as I have went through school. Thanks to my wonderful wife without her support and encouragement I would never have gotten started. Thanks to my kids for being so proud of me and putting up with me being gone so much. I am so excited to be done and start working in my new profession.
Thank You, Regan


Sweet Caroline said...

HOLY S###!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE HE IS DONE! WOW! I am very, very impressed. That is some hard, hard, hard work. And, I would have Regan be my nurse anytime. Such great disposition, kind, soft, sweet, good-looking...and the word on the street is he has GREAT bedside manner.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Ken and I are very happy for your family. Way to go Regan! You are going to be incredible. Absolutely incredible!!

Shaun and April said...

Yeah, not feeling the same excitement after an evening with Jacquie... Did get my diploma though! Wish you were still suffering with me.

miranda said...

Congratulations!! That is an accomplishment!

Emilee said...

Big Big Congratulations Regan! We are super excited for you here at the Homer Household. Coming home and falling asleep after your last final somehow seems very appropriate. Great job!

tina said...

Congratulations Regan! You did awesome!