Jan 8, 2009


Both of my boys wear hearing aids and it was time for Mckray to get new ones. He was playing football at a friends house and he lost it in the grass and unfortunately we never were able to find it.
Hearing aids are not covered by any insurance. They are really expensive but fortunately there is a Children's foundation that insures that every child that needs them can get them. We feel so blessed that there are programs out there to help families like ours. Thanks to Dr. Thurston who told us about this program.
Mckray has worn hearing aids since he was 5. We knew he wasn't hearing well but wasn't sure why. Bridger failed his hearing test at school when he was in the 3rd grade so we took both for hearing test and found out that they both needed hearing aids. We weren't really shocked that Mckray needed them but we were really shocked that Bridger did. He spoke really clear and never seemed to have trouble hearing. Mckray has a more severe hearing loss.
The hearing loss that they have is hereditary. My grandma, dad and two brothers suffer from the same kind of loss. It is a nerve deafness. Which is a progressive hearing loss. Which means there loss can and will get worse. That is a little scary for us but we just take each day as it comes and find joy in today because that is all that we have.
I love these boys so much and am so proud of the way that they live theirs lives and work through their hearing loss.

He is so excited to get his new ones. He loves to wear them because he hates to miss out on what is going on around him.

He was NOT amused by my wanting a picture.

Hearing aids in..... now he is set to take on the world.

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Sweet Caroline said...

Yeah..and you are blessed that they are both GORGEOUS boys. McKray is strikingly beautiful. Every family member that came over and saw him ranted and raved about how beautiful he is!