Sep 5, 2008


Aubrey and a bunch of her friends played powder puff football this year. The team name was the "ROUGH RAIDERS."
What a powder puff!!
Not bad for a little ol' thing. I think she is barely pushing a buck o five.

Aubrey took a serious elbow to the nose, blood was everywhere. We were so proud.
These girls will mess you up!!!
You don't want to mess with 'em. Nice tissue up your nose Aub.


Aubrey, Samea and Bree


wild murdocks said...

hard core! I'm glad you got a picture of the blood!

Chalan said...

Way to go Aubrey! Wow, a bloody nose- that's tuff girl Aubrey. Looks like fun!

tina said...

That TOTALLY rocks, and once again reminds me of high school days--not that I ever played powder puff, but I watched. Way to go Aubs!