Sep 24, 2008


We asked Juju of she wanted to play soccer or take dance lessons. She picked the dance lessons. She was so excited to learn how to dance and to go pick out a dance outfit....she is all about the clothes. When she went to the first class she went straight to the front row and never took her eyes off the teacher...... she didn't want to miss a thing. Needless to say, she loves DANCE.


Emilee said...

Fun!! I loved dance lessons as a kid. Seeing pictures of a dance studio makes me miss them even more. Which type of dance lessons did she choose the take? I am with Journey, picking out the clothes is half the fun.

Chalan said...

Fun for Journey. I'm with Emilee- I loved Dance lessons! Where is she taking? YOu'll have to let me know how she likes it. I love how into clothes she is. What a girl! Cute girl that is. :)

Shaun and April said...

MaKenna goes to Heart and Soul dance. She's on one of the teams. Is JuJu on a team or class? Makenna loves it down there. How fun! Too bad we can't carpool!