Sep 8, 2008


Aubrey went to Homecoming on Saturday. She went with a boy named Ryan that she didn't really know very well but they ended up having a really good time. He asked her by putting an alarm clock under her bed and set it to go off at 4 a.m. When it went off she was running around in her room in a daze and thinking that the fire alarm was going off, she quickly realized it wasn't the fire alarm and began thinking that the carbon monoxide detector was going off but the only problem with that is that we don't have one of those. It took her a good five min. to figure out what was going on and soon found the obnoxious clock and turned it off. With the clock was a note that said "Don't be alarmed,go to homecoming with me." They went 4 wheeling during the day and to Olive Garden for dinner with a group of his friends from the swim team.

The ever awkward exchanging of flowers, made worse only by parents taking pictures! Sorry Aubrey. Hopefully you will thank me later.


Shaun and April said...

She looks so cute and grown up! Love the straight teeth!!

Chalan said...

Fun! I was wondering when Homecoming was, but Aubrey hadn't said anything. Tell her she is in trouble from me because there we were together for Sunday dinner and she didn't tell any of us about it! - I guess like we said, we don't always talk about what is going on. :) Looks like she had fun. Cute pictures- she always looks so cute. I'll still can't believe she is that old! I sure love my cute niece!