Sep 1, 2008


1. Open lid
2.Turn on front burner
3. Light match and insert in small hole.
I went out to fire up the BBQ for Sunday dinner and that is when my ADD got the best of me. With my mind wandering among an array of topics that have nothing to do with BBQing I made a critical error between step two and three. For some reason I turned on all three burners and then fumbled around with the matches for a few extra seconds. When I proceeded to step three their was a small explosion and I could tell I had singed my eyelashes but didn't think much of it. When I went back in the house Mena gave me a strange look and asked what had happened. From the picture you can see what happened; I singed a significant amount of precious hair on my already thinning forehead. The good news is my handsome face was left unscathed.


Shaun and April said...

I shouldn't be laughing, but I am. That is funny! I have been there many times. (not the singed hair, but the drifting thoughts) Glad to see it was only the hair.

Chalan said...

Oh, Gubba, what is so funny is that it is so easy to picture you out there thinking of other things, mind drifting, a true Palfreyman! I would have loved to have seen Mena's face when you came inside. Priceless. Love the hair- it could be the fashion- ? :)Glad you didn't burn your face.

wild bri said...

I can smell the burnt hair just looking at the photo. Mena please don't let Gubba play with matches anymore. I want to know what you were thinking about that was so distracting that you put your head in to the fire.