Aug 22, 2010

a trip
we took the kids to the cabin and to park city for a family get away
before aubrey heads off to college.
it's a total trip to think that reg and i have a kid that is this old.
with margarita's in hand
we all made a toast to aubrey

me and aub
im going to miss my partner in crime

regan got locked in the bathroom
i thought we would all pee our pants from laughing so hard.
he couldn't get out
one of the waitresses walked by and ask what we were doing
and we told her that he was locked in.
she said she would get her manager.
we were rolling with laughter by now
the manager came and was surprised to see a grown man coming out of the bathroom
he assumed that it was a kid locked in
the look on regans face was priceless when he finally got out

the kids

pretty soon it will just be me and this guy
kids grow up super fast


wild bri said...

Poor Regan
Those door locks can be tricky to figure out.

Sounds like something I would do

Chalan said...

looks like fun! I have to laugh at Gubba getting locked in the bathroom- that is so funny- typical Palfreyman:) Good luck Aubrey! and good luck gub and mena without her:)