Aug 30, 2010

college bound
we took aubrey down to college a week ago.
seeing aubrey say goodbye with her brothers and sister was hard and very touching.
it was nice to see the love that they have for each other,
sometimes i wonder if they even like each other what with all the fighting that goes on between them sometimes.
after the goodbyes were said regan, aubrey and i got in the car and started the drive.
none of us said very much for awhile....i think we were all processing what was REALLY going on.
we were all pretty nervous
once we got to the school the unpacking began and let me tell you aubrey brought WAY too much..tee hee.
aubrey has an enormous amount of clothes and it wasn't going to all fit in the closet.
gotta love girls and clothes.
we ended up bringing a good portion of it back with us.
after we got her settled
got her room decorated
it was time to say our good byes.
to my surprise it wasn't as hard as i had imagined.
i was happy for her
i was excited for her to have this really neat experience
i was really proud and happy
i didn't cry at all
this is a rare thing for me
i am a real cry-er
aubrey is a cry-er too
(she got this from me....poor kid)
but she didn't cry either
we both must be growing up
life around here will be different without aubrey
thank goodness for
text messaging

aubrey and the family at her going away bbq

the silly siblings

her cute room

as we were gettin in our car to leave
aubrey got in a truck with 2 guys
and took off
oh boy!!!!!!
college life


Gubba said...

Well said honey bunch!! It will just be you and me before we know it.

Cori said...

you two are the most brave and cool parents a kid could have! I hope I am as calm and collected as you when mine leaves home! Good luck! (dang we are old!)

Nikki and Ray said...

I bet you guys are so proud, how exciting for her and you all too. Hug to you Mena, you're such an awesome mom!

Traci said...

Hi, I'm Traci. I work with Regan and I love to stalk your blog. You do such a great job! I love your new family picture. :)

Shaun and April said...

Love your new family photo! I stole it and will print it to put up downstairs with all my family photo's. I don't have any with all of you...just your kids.