Aug 16, 2010


Mckray is obsessed with the show MAN VS. FOOD on the travel channel. The other night as we stopped off at the grocery store for a treat BIG MACK spotted this TEXAS DONUT and the challenge was thrown down. Could he eat this mammoth sized ring of chocolate goodness in 15 minutes?

Now that is what you call a GAME FACE!!

Early on in the competition Kray was taking it to the Donut with large delicious bites.
A quick drink of milk between rounds while the bruised donut rests against the ropes,

The donut half eaten , things are looking good for the BOY!!

but then DONUT comes out swingin' with vicious blows

With four big chunks left Mckray's stomach says he's through. Although he wants to continue the body says no more...

The scavengers clean up what is left of the donut!!

DISCLAIMER: This challenge was spur of the moment and Mckray had just eaten dinner and some cake at a wedding reception. With proper preparation he feels like he could take this donut down no problem.... stay tuned for a rematch


Nikki and Ray said...

Hahaha! Awesome!

Chalan said...

I love it!! We watch Man vs. Food- Go Mckray!!! Can't wait to see the rematch.:) That was a BIG donut.