Aug 4, 2010

reg took his vacation time last week
funds have been a lil low
we just did a few activities around town
aub missed out because she went down to st. george for a job.
bridger missed out on some of the fun cause
he is a teenager.
nuf said!!
he did come around
and participate in a few of the activities
that made this momma happy
you gotta LOVE the teenage years
first, we loaded up the canoe and headed for the pond

big mac daddy
feeding the fish

then the rain started
we have had a hard time getting the canoe in the water
every time we do it starts to rain.....HARD

reg and bridger picking up the lils before the lightning started.

it dumped tons o water on us
lightning and thunder followed
we were pretty bummed out

hiking the Y
it was super hot even with the sun hiding behind the clouds most of the day

journey and mckray were the only ones that came on the hike
with us.
they are tough lil guys

juju and i stopping for a photo
im a big hot sweaty mess

when we reached the top we had a snack
granola bars
fruit roll ups
and mckrays favorite.....lil weinies
he calls them "heaven in a can"
i call them disgusting!!!
like father like son

another reason your mom tells you to wear clean underwear....or just underwear for that matter
as juju was sliding down the Y
she got a hole in her pants
she wasn't wearing any underwear
we had a lil conversation that went something like this before we left
juju: hey, mom i don't have any clean underwear
me: yes, you do. i just washed some, they are on the dryer
juju: o.k
needless to say, she never made it to the laundry room
so she decided to go commando for hells sake
oh boy!!!
what can you do?
nothing but just laugh
luckily we had a fanny pack
to cover her fanny

after the hike
we headed over to fat cats to play a couple of games
did you know that kids bowl free during the summer??
super cool
lane 19 was where all the sweet bowling action was


guess the old man still has the moves...tee hee

who knew he was this flexible

i am feeling sad that summer is coming to an end
i love summer!!!!
im not going to think about it
we are just gonna continue to have as much fun as we can
before schools starts


Tahsha said...

I love your little family! I want mine to be just like yours! you guys rock!

Nikki and Ray said...

Love this song and you too! I live close to payson pool, it's kinda fun but has crappy chairs haha! Juju cracks me up! That made me laugh so hard!

Chalan said...

Looks like a fun summer break!! That's so funny about Juju's underwear- or lack there of:)