Jul 13, 2009

While the parents are away, Blythe and Creed get to come and play.
We had loads of fun.
we busted out the slip n' slide
watched some videos.....and spongebob
had car snacks
ate french toast (by request from Blythe)
played house in the backyard
went on a snow cone run
went to the balloons
sang silly songs
read bedtime stories
talked to
mom and dad on the phone
reassured Creed from time to time that his Mom was coming home.
and snuggled...
I love to snuggle
and I love when my niece's and nephews get to come and play.


Emilee said...

It looks like you guys had a great time. I love that Blythe's tongue is the same color as her shirt.

Chalan said...

You are the best aunt and uncle!! I know my kids had so much fun with you!! Thanks for taking such good care of them! Thanks for the cute photos! You are the best!!