Jul 5, 2009

Palfreyman Reunion
Part 2

Provo river falls
The drive up to the falls was nothing more than pure heaven.
So beautiful
The kids played in the water and had a glorious time.
Perfect weather, not too hot, not too cold

Mirror Lake
After the falls, we drove up further and had lunch and walked around the lake.
Being out in nature only confirms to me that there really is a God and that he created all of this amazing beauty for us to enjoy,preserve and to take care of. Words cannot describe the peace that I feel when I am out in this wide, wide world.
I feel blessed to live in a place with such diversity and beauty.

Ahhhhh, serenity
Well, another relaxing and fun reunion comes to a close.
Regan and I are in charge next time so get ready for a good time.
See ya next year!


Emilee said...

As always fantastic pictures. We are super excited for next year's reunion. Oh, and Nitty Gritty was sold out :(

Chalan said...

Wow- good job blogging- I need to get to mine- I'm way behind. As always- great pics!! Can't wait for next year! :)

craig and jill said...

Amazing pictures. You should enter them into the contests at Maceys. Simply beautiful.