Jul 21, 2009


playing at the pool

scout camp


he will not wear any shoes except for good ol' flip flops

nice hobbit feet


go sliders
go juju

juju playing catcher
it was her favorite

mckray played outfield and third base
they took fist place
lost 2 out of 3 championship games
good work yankees

golf camp

this is mckrays game
he woke up and told me that he had a feeling that he was going to win the putting contest that day at camp.

he was right!
nice work

winnings: candy bar
life is good
to glacier

having a lovely summer.....hope you are too!


Chalan said...

Looks like you guys are having such a fun summer!! Thanks for all the cute pics of blythe and Creed- they had so much fun at your house. You are the best!!

Shaun and April said...

Can't email while here, sorry for the LONG comment. To get your pictures big, you have to upload photo's to photobucket.com and then you can add frames (like on Kyson's baptism), age photos and then you can go to RESIZE and make them big, small etc. Save the html code under the photo once your done and paste it into your blog entry. Don't go to ADD PHOTO just paste the code. It's so fun to play around with the pics. Have fun. Email me with questions... I just can't email back but I can get them.

mena said...

thanks april, i will go play.

Sweet Caroline said...

The pics of you guys at the top remind me of 1960's photography...wicked cool.