Apr 16, 2008

TAGGED !!!!!!!!!!

My sister in law (Kara) tagged me awhile ago and I haven't done it yet so here goes..............

1. I have always wanted to sell everything we own and buy a motor home and take a year or two off of the hum drum of life and go see every nook of this great country that we live in. I think it sounds like such a great adventure to undertake and what a great opportunity for our kids. Who knows if it will ever happen, if we don't do it with our kids we will for sure do it when Regan and I are old and grey. I guess I have a lot of gypsy blood in me.

2. I LOVE Asian culture. It is so interesting to me, I have always loved it. Regan and I were able to go to Taiwan a couple of years ago ,I was so into the temples and the people and the traditions it was one of my most favorites trips that I have ever been on. If I didn't LOVE the religion that I belong to I would for sure be a Buddhist. I am reading the Buddha and his teachings right now. I just love all the trying to find yourself and getting centered and letting go of all the material things that we find so important in our culture.

3. I have always wanted to learn to make pottery. I remember being about 5 yrs. old and seeing a little play pottery wheel and I wanted one soooooo bad. I asked for one for Christmas but Santa never brought one. ( I guess I wasn't very good that year) I haven't grown out of wanting a pottery wheel and I look on line all the time to try and find one that I can afford.

4. I have never been someone who has a five or ten year plan. I just take life as it comes, I plan maybe a week or two ahead (maybe). I try not to hold too tight to life and let life take me where I am supposed to go. So far it has worked pretty well but I'm not sure if it is always a good thing or not.

5. I don't have a lot of pet peeves but I do have one that has bothered me since I was very young. People that have ear wax build up coming out of there ears. YUCK! All of you know what I am talking about, we have all seen it. I remember being in school and looking over at a kid setting next to me and looking in his ear and he had a whole life time of ear wax coming out of his ears. I mean do you not own a Q tip? If you don't have a Q tip by all means use your finger. As my family will all agree, it is a must that we all have clean ears. I know it is so funny but that kid in class really messed me up!!!!!!

6. I still love to watch Tom and Jerry cartoons. I loved to watch them as a kid and I love them now. I will never grow out of it. Many a good time has been spent with my kids snuggling on the couch or my bed watching Tom and Jerry beat that crap out of each other. I just think it is so funny. They don't make cartoons like that anymore.

So now you know a few things about me that maybe you didn't know before. I tag......Megan, Marcee, Aubrey and Cami

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Shaun & April said...

Fun things to learn about you after, how many years? Laughing about the earwax. Who knew? Also love Tom & Jerry. They have a dvd of like 10 of the episodes that we watch often.