Apr 26, 2008


Aubrey went to prom tonight with Jace Kelly. They went to Macaroni Grill for dinner(aub's fav.) then off to the dance at Salem Pond,then off to friends house to play games. She was so excited when she was getting ready for her BIG night. Aub was dancing around and listening to music. There was a crowd of people here to see her off. Thanks Granny Deanie, Aunt Chalan, Granny Queenie, Aunt Karen and Merika for coming it meant alot. There was tons of support which goes to show how much we love you Aubrey. Enjoy every minute of your life baby!!!!!!

p.s notice the converse tennies she chose to wear!! So cool!!!

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Shaun & April said...

So fun! Love the dress and shoes Aubs.