Apr 22, 2008


Meet Merry.........Journey got Merry for Christmas this year and loves her very much.( No I didn't name her). Anyway Regan was going to work the other morning and he sees the dog catcher taking an animal in a cage away from the neighbors house and of course he looks in the cage and low and behold there is Merry.(they used tuna fish to bait her also and if you do that every cat in the north forty will be at your house) To his surprise he goes over and says whats the problem officer, the office tells him that the neighbors have complained about this cat being in their yard.( that is the first time we have heard of this) So he hands Regan a ticket for a cat running at large....................... Am I the only one who thinks this is crazy????? I just don't understand how you keep a cat on your property at all times. We have a fenced back yard and she stays there or in the garage so tell me how to keep a cat in your yard? I would love advice on this subject. I get how a dog could bother you they do poop and dig up your yard but a freaking cat, give me a break!!!!! I am bitter as you may have guessed. I never bug my neighbors, I don't try and be best friends, I wave, I take her kid to school everyday even when my own kids don't go, I have tryed to be a good Neighbor and now this!!!!!!!! ooh I HATE STUPID NEIGHBORS!!! Regan went over and just said that he wished they would have let us know before calling the dog catcher so that we could try and take care of problem and not have to pay a 50.00 ticket. They didn't much care and I'm thinking about nominating them for neighbor of the year, what do you think? Remember to be a good neighbor!!!! I wish I had nothing more to worry about in my life than if someones cat in on my lawn.

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