Apr 10, 2008

Papers,Papers and more Papers

Regan has been at the computer for 3 straight days trying to finish all of his nursing papers that are due. I have been bringing him lots of Diet Coke,snacks and lunchs to keep him going. He has his favorite music going at all times( I think it helps him type better). After he finished with this he headed off to night class at the High School.........what a guy. I think he is the best!!!!!! He works his butt off with his schooling and hardly ever complains. There is an end in sight honey, you can do it!!!!!!!! He will graduate in Dec. Yahoooooooooooooo


Shaun & April said...

Feeling the pain! I think I got a total of 5 hours sleep last week while trying to finish mine. I love the pictures with his music going. One more semester Gub!

wild bri said...

Good Luck with the papers. You look pretty intense in those photos. I have not seen you study that hard since Mr. Tuleys full year science class. Remember the intense science nerd competitions we had in there?