Mar 29, 2011

Little Wild Horse Canyon Trip

Took a trip to the San Rafael Reef with my Dad, Brothers and some of the kids.  I have wanted to hike this canyon for some time now, and finally got down to do it.  Little Wild Horse did not disappoint,  what a beautiful and amazing canyon.  We camped over on a Friday night and woke up to do the 8 mile loop up Little Wild Horse and down Bell canyon.  This was Grandpa Clark's longest trek since having both knees replaced a little over a year ago, way to go Dad!!!    After the hike, we made a quick stop at Goblin Valley and headed home.  We finished the trip planning our next adventure down to explore one of the other nearby canyons.

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Shaun and April said...

Move out of the ROAD!! J/K it was me honking at you today!

I am in LOVE with this new cd I downloaded and think of you and Cass everytime I listen to it but since she won't listen to anything that mentions religion...I am sharing with you. They had a few songs on the shows in between conference so I went and looked them up.

It is "The Lower Lights" A revival of Hymns. You (hopefully) will LOVE it.