Mar 9, 2011

my boys
i have some really good, sweet and talented boys.
they are like night and day in personality and with their likes and dislikes
but they love this momma perfectly.
  when they give me a hug
 when they whisper "love ya mom" as they are  heading off to bed. 
these are the moments that i cherish the most and these are the
moments that melt my heart.
bridger graced us with his talent the other night with a concert in the living room.
the boy can play the viola!
mckray was jimmy carter for the 5th grade presidents day program.
he memorized all his lines perfectly.
he doesn't look very much like jimmy carter,
more like one of the guys from mumford and sons.
tee hee
he is one handsome lil man.

if you haven't kissed your momma today
then go and do it
it will make her day


Little Mac said...

Hey Mean, I really want a guitar holder and a music holder... (like in your cute pic) do you ever see them at the thrift stores, or should I just buck up and buy them??

P.S. Love you two cute boys as well!

mena said...

i bought the music stand at a thrift store but the guitar stand i bought at a music store...i will keep a look out if you want me to or you can just go to booth brothers. let me know :)