Feb 14, 2011

a sweet day
regan had the day off so he started valentines off right by making the kids the  traditional pink, heart shaped pancakes.
my gift to everyone was homemade hand dipped chocolate covered strawberries.
regan gave me flowers and new headphones cause i caught my old ones on fire.
yeah, you read that right..on fire while having a candlelit bath while listening to my ipod. the cord caught on fire....it about gave me a heart attack... i know, pretty dumb move on my part.
 i promised him that i wouldn't do that again...ever!!!
this time i wont put the candles by my head
live and learn as i always say
living with me is such an adventure :)
happy valentines day regan
i wub you!!!

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Nikki and Ray said...

Those look scrumptious!