Feb 11, 2011

mighty hunter
regan took the lils over to the pasture this week so that juju could ride the horses
 and mckray could shoot his bb gun.
mckray ask if he could shoot a bird and regan said yes
but all the while thinking that he prolly wouldn't get one
well , he was wrong
 he shot one and was pretty proud of himself.
as a mother
i am not a fan of hunting or killing or shooting things for recreation.
and i want to teach my kids to respect nature
so i talked to him about my feeling of only killing animals that you will eat.
blah... blah... blah... im pretty sure is all he heard.:)
i said my peace, so now i guess he will have to make up his own mind about hunting. 
 love this cute lil boy
even if he does
kill cute lil birds.

1 comment:

Nikki and Ray said...

I am with you on this one, I am not a hunter but my dear old dad is a killing machine and he has a collection also. I call it the house of death lol. Poor birdie, but boys will be boys I guess haha!