Feb 22, 2011

this week has been SUPER emotional for me. i seriously feel like i have felt every emotion possible x's 100. happy, ecstatic, giddy, sad, hurt, mad, jealous, loved, hated, appreciated, unappreciated....and the list goes on and on.  i have had many, many different thoughts rolling around in my head as well.  sometimes i feel like everything is going along really well and then some days or weeks  life seems to not be  going along good at all. sometimes i'm very happy and content with life and then other times i'm not content at all. i know everyone goes through this and it is a natural part of life its just extra in my face this week.  i love being a mom and wife but sometimes i feel like there is SO much more to me that i'm not  tapping into. i so desperately want to tap into that person.  I was "ME" before i became a daughter, sister, friend, wife and mother. i guess im just going through a period where i have to find myself a-gain. i  have layers and layers that i have to uncover and peel away at different times and periods of my life. i will continue to keep looking and searching and loving myself and picking myself up and brushing myself off through this journey.  i  have to learn to be more patient with myself and more patient with life's eb's and flows.

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tina said...

Know what you mean. How can I feel so many things at once? Oh well. But just so you know, I love who you are! And as you discover those layers, that's just more for me to love! Love you sis!