Dec 31, 2010

happy 39th birthday to my man
i ask regan what he wanted  for his b-day and he quickly said
  "i want YOU.............and i wanna go to true grit."
 i aim to please so i  gave him myself all wrapped up in a pretty bow
(sorry, no pictures of that)
took him to true grit
well, rewind that
true grit first
me in a pretty bow later
we met my sister and her hubby
afton and jess
after regan got off from work
after the show we stopped at 5 guys
then to farr's ice cream
and can i just say that the dole pineapple is DE-VINE
me and lova shared and
i have been craving it ever since.
this next part is just for you honey:
if your wandering ever leads you
to a place you don't know which road to choose
leave your worries behind
take the road that leads to mine
and i'll be waiting there for you.
if your dreaming ever wakes you
and you find your dreaming wasn't true
wipe the sleep from your eyes
leave the nightmares behind
and i'll dream a better dream for you.
if your fortune ever fails you
and you're down without a dime to see you through
there's still luck that you can find
you can have a piece of mine
yeah,, i'll make a wish for you.

all my love
 i give to you


Nikki and Ray said...

Happy Birthday Regan! I bet he is a pretty special guy cause he is married to such an amazing woman! Love ya!

Frank Daybell said...

Happy Birthday Reagan! Wow 39, I would have never ever thunk it. I here on a dang near daily basis what a good nurse you are. I am proud to say you are my friend, you to Mena.